LuxR Modux Micro Path Light




The LuxR Micro Recessed Pathlight is a miniature low-voltage dimmable outdoor washer, with optional canister. Illumination is produced through a the 3 facet 360° flange that projects light outwards and downwards to create an even wash across the ground or floor to illuminate paths.

This small walkover stud protrudes just 9mm with a 31.5mm diameter. Ideal for lighting Paths or Steps or for use to mark the edge of driveways. There is no upward light – just a horizontal wash.

Precision machined in marine grade 316 stainless steel or from solid copper the luminaire achieves IP68 water ingress rating for piece of mind. The Cree 1 watt max LED can be easily replaced if required or substituted for a colour LED.

A sturdy PVC mounting canister is available for use with this product to facilitate installation. This product is linked and will show during checkout

Click here for Datasheet – LuxR Micro Pathlight and Steplight

Additional information

Dimensions 3.15 × 3.15 × 21.5 cm



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