Landscape Lighting Design

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We have been designing landscape lighting for over 20 years and have gained extensive experience working with architects, landscape architects, contractors, property developers, electricians, and of course, directly with clients. Completed and installed designs include both residential and commercial projects, from small city gardens to large country estates, patios and roof terraces to shopping malls, Grade 1 listed properties to new builds.

Every garden is unique, and lighting can be very subjective. What is too bright for one client may not be bright enough for another. When designed correctly exterior lighting can bring magic to your garden and allow you to enjoy this space both night and day. It’s about what you don’t light as well as what you do light and remember, a light is only as good as the feature it is lighting.

The start is usually the entrance and driveway. The lighting should welcome you home at night providing safety and security. We can also provide soft glare free lighting to seating and dining areas, step and path lighting enabling you to wander safely at night, lighting to specimen plants, statues, water features etc., and up lighting or wall lights to enhance your building design. Large trees can look stunning when lit correctly and form the centrepiece or backdrop to any design.

In a larger garden several circuits may be installed giving the possibility of creating different scenes from minimum light levels to full on party lighting. A smart, reliable, easy to operate control system may be required. We recommend a tried and tested wireless control system from Light Symphony .

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