Light Symphony Gate Interface with Repeater



The wireless Gate Interface & Signal Repeater can perform two separate functions;

1. Interfacing to electric gates or other sensor to provide automated lighting control when vehicles approach. When triggered, it wirelessly signals to the Lighting Control Modules an on-time of 1 to 15 minutes It contains an adjustable dusk sensor to prevent trigger during daylight.

2. The signal repeater echo’s commands received from any of Light Symphony’s wireless transmitters. Up to 5 repeaters may be used together to extend Light Symphony’s range by 1000 meters* radius each.

  • IP66 Tuff ABS enclosure
  • Isolated gate input
  • Adjustable on-time 1 – 15 minutes
  • Does not over-ride user’s control
  • 1000 meter range*
  • Signal Booster (repeater)
  • Dusk sensor

Note – stated range is line-of-site, obstacles will reduce this.

Click here for Datasheet – Light Symphony Gateway Interface with Repeater

Additional information

Dimensions 2.3 × 2.3 × 1.5 cm


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