Hunza Walkway Lite Pure LED




The Hunza Walkway Lite is specifically designed to illuminate walkways without any glare being transmitted to the eyes. Similar to the Twig Lite, this luminaire has a subtle appearance, which allows it to blend into taller foliage and by having the angled arm, it is also functional for path lighting complimenting any garden lighting project.

Available in solid copper that will naturally darken and turn verdigris over time, an invaluable addition of any landscape lighting project. This luminaire has a frosted glass lens to reduce glare

The PURE LED system is designed to provide the ultimate combination of light output, illumination control, and long-term performance from an outdoor-rated sealed luminaire. A constant current driver is required for this fitting maximum 700ma. See the LED Drivers page on this site.

The Hunza Walkway Lite is also available in a 12 Volt version.

Click here for Datasheet – Walkway Lite Pure LED

Additional information

Dimensions 68.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm


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