Hunza Ultra Wall Spot




The Ultra Wall Spot has been designed to be mounted on vertical surfaces. It can be used for wall washing, to provide directional light, and to highlight architectural features and structural elements. It has a fully adjustable head allowing 360° rotation and 0-80° elevation and can then be fixed in place using the inbuilt locking mechanism.

The PURE LED system is designed to provide the ultimate combination of light output, illumination control, and long-term performance from an outdoor-rated sealed luminaire. A 1400ma constant current driver is supplied with this fitting giving an output of 5000 lumens at 52 watts.  The driver will need to be housed remote from the fitting.

The Ultra Wall Spot can also be fitted with a Glare Guard if required. This linked product will show during checkout.

Click here for Datasheet – Hunza Ultra Wall Spot

Additional information

Dimensions 24.0 × 12.6 × 12.6 cm


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