Hunza Flush Floor Lite Pure LED




The Hunza Flush Floor Lite Pure LED has been designed to mount flush with the level of a pathway, hotel floor or a building foyer. The Flush Fit lens stops water pooling and depositing dirt on the lens. The canister is included for ease of installation.

There is no lip to trip over and the luminaire can be driven over or walked upon without being damaged ( maximum drive over speed 6 mph and maximum vehicle weight 1,500kg).

The PURE LED system is designed to provide the ultimate combination of light output, illumination control, and long-term performance from an outdoor-rated sealed luminaire. A constant current driver is required for this fitting maximum 1050ma. See the LED Drivers page on this site.

The  Hunza Flush Floor Lite is also available in a GU10 version for connection direct to Mains power or 12 Volt version.

Click here for Datasheet – Hunza Flush Floor Lite Pure LED

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 14.65 × 10.4 × 8.3 cm



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